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2024.3.20 YUSUKE ANDO's first live album "PHENOMENON: ysk LIVE" released!!

Long-awaited live album released on Wednesday, March 20th

2023.07.23 HALMUDA One-man live will be held at Shimokitazawa MOSAiC!

In 2020, she started her activities in Tokyo under her real name "Haruka", and even though her activities were restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, she continued to produce and distribute music, and from September 2022, she will move on to a new stage as "HALMUDA". Start your targeted activities. Distribution of the 1st Digital Single “Ame ni Kasumi 2023” will start on June 3rd, and a one-man live will be held at Shimokitazawa MOSAiC on July 23rd! Tickets are now on sale! !

2022.07.30 Seiich New Digital Single “Liar My Heart” now available!!

After graduating from high school, he formed BACK STREET GANG with Enju (G), who is currently active as a solo artist, and lWASAKl (Dr), who is currently active in FLOW, and began actively performing live activities mainly in Osaka, but disbanded in 1992. After that, he resumed his music career for the first time in 25 years, engaging in various activities other than just music. Following the distribution of the first single “Death Crow” on June 9, 2022, the second single “Liar My Heart” will be distributed on July 30!

2022.07.01 FLYING KIDS New Digital Single 2 songs released at the same time! & 60th birthday live will be held at Billboard Live Tokyo on Friday, July 29, 2022!

The group, which has continued to run as pioneers of Japanese funk and has reached a mature age, will simultaneously release two digital singles on July 1st (Friday)! Also, the music video for “Ubugoe Desphere” will be released on the same day! And on July 29th (Friday), at Billboard Live Tokyo, “The 1st Chiki Chiki 60th birthday! Everyone gather! It has also been decided that a live performance will be held to celebrate the 60th birthdays of members Shiro Maruyama (Gt.) and Hiroyuki Nakazono (Dr.)!

2022.04.06 Hajime Nodoguro Full Album “the best of HAJIME NODOGLOW” CD/Digital simultaneous release!!

Hajime Nodoguro, a singer-songwriter who plays rock'n'roll influenced by "Mashima Masatoshi" and "Shuji Terayama", will release his full album "the best of HAJIME NODOGLOW" on CD/DIGITAL on April 6, 2022. release! And on Saturday, April 23rd, a one-man live show will be held at Shibuya La.mama! !

2022.03.10 Singer-songwriter & guitarist “Soichi” 
1st debut single “You” now available for distribution!

Under the name "Sakakura Soichi", he is active in a wide range of activities such as writing lyrics, composing music, and providing music, and has released his 1st debut single "You" as singer-songwriter and guitarist "Soichi"!

2022.02.16 Tomotaka Imamichi Full Album “Uta-MONO Tomotaka IMASA Imamichi” CD & distribution released simultaneously!!

Tomotaka Imamichi's first solo album in 18 years [Uta-MONO Tomotaka IMASA Imamichi] will be released simultaneously on CD and distribution!!

2021.01.28 Tomotaka Imamichi solo album (released on February 16th) All songs preview trailer now available!

Tomotaka Imamichi's first solo album in 18 years (released on February 16, 2022) "Uta-MONO" preview trailer for all songs is now available!

2022.01.26 Ami Oda Studio Live Album “Fedo” CD/Digital released simultaneously!!

Ami Oda, an expressive artist who coexists with light and shadow, releases Studio Live Album “Fedo”!

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