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New Album
CD/DIGITAL simultaneous release!


New album “ROAD TRIPPER” released!

It's been a year and a half since the story of adult men challenging themselves to perform at Budokan Live. Their first album , ``ROAD TRIPPER'', has finally been completed.
All of the songs created by these artists, who have various careers, are catchy and melodious. While offering a variety of musical styles such as straight rock, beautiful ballads, and upbeat dance tunes, the sound is somewhat nostalgic and strongly appeals to the hearts of listeners.
This album is the first step towards the dream of ``Live at Budokan,'' and the songs included are also songs of support for ``adults who never give up on their dreams.''
I want you to feel the passionate message contained in this milestone album.

【recorded music】
1. Bind Oneself
2. NAKED OA recommended songs
5. Like a Flower OA recommended songs
6.Last Love
7. fragment of “A”
8. Existence
10. Giulia ~At the end of summer~
11. BLOW~The wind is blowing~
12.This path

*CD only Bonus Track “Betty”


LIVE will be held to commemorate the release of the new album!

『Go one step ahead! ”

Date and time: 2021/04/23 (Fri)

​Venue: Shibuya Space Odd

Advance ¥4,000 On the day ¥4,500 (tax included) +1drink

■Advance tickets are on sale at Livepocket!

Reception period: 2021/2/24 (Wed) 12:00 - 2021/4/23 (Fri) 19:00

Purchase tickets >>

We will welcome visitors to the venue while ensuring sufficient social distancing and following guidelines based on guidance from the government.

1.We will refuse entry to customers with a temperature of 37.5℃ or higher.
2. Alcohol hand sanitizer is available. Please be sure to use it when entering.
3. Please wear a mask.
4. In order to prevent droplet infection, we have set up seats with social distancing in mind, so please refrain from moving seats or having close conversations with other exchange customers.

*Please note that if you do not comply, you may be asked to leave.

Music distribution service

2020.4.5 Distribution debut!
"BLOW~The wind is blowing"


Formed in 2019, centered around vocalist Keisuke Kawanishi (52).

The members are ONO-CHIN (Satoshi Onodera/52) on guitar, TERRA (Satoshi Terayama/48) on bass, and HAYATO (Hayato Inoue/47) on drums.

When he was young, Kasai and his friends aspired to become professional musicians, but their dreams never came true. Afterwards, Kasai worked as an editor for the car magazine ``NAVI'' and served as editor-in-chief of numerous magazines such as ``MOTO NAVI'' and ``NAVI CARS,'' and even started his own publishing company, but he continued to pursue music as his life's work. ``Dynamite Pops,'' a popular song cover band in which he serves as the lead vocalist, has become known as a popular group that always packs live houses to capacity.

However, due to the effects of the publishing recession, he suffered a setback in which he lost everything, including his company and magazine.

In 2019, Kasai, who made a fresh start as a freelancer and started working as a motor journalist, editor, and personality, took the opportunity of turning 52 years old to make a resolution, and posted on SNS, ``My goal is to perform at the Budokan live, which I dreamed of when I was young.'' "I want to achieve this in my 50s," he declared. Men of the same generation who sympathized with Kasai's feelings gathered together and formed "ROAD to BUDOKAN." After repeated rehearsals, they held their first live show at Harajuku Crocodile in December. Kasai, who has a total of 10,000 followers on SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, called for the event, and the venue was filled with fans.

While advocating a ``passion for pursuing dreams that never goes away even when you become an adult'', they are producing original and cover songs and performing live in order to achieve their goal of ``Live at Budokan''.

In April 2020, he made his distribution debut with the original song "BLOW~Kaze wa Blowing."

ROAD to BUDOKAN Executive Committee
Person in charge: Yamada

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