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2021.2.25 New Single Release
"it hurts"


2020.2.5 New Album Release

Hideyoshi Hikari

2020.1.8 Digital Single Release
"As you like"

Hideyoshi As You Like It

Hideyoshi New Single “Itai”

Distribution release starts & MV released!

“Hideyoshi ” released his album “Hikari” in February last year, and received rave reviews from musicians in various fields for the high quality of his songs and performances.
This year's first single sings about the "pain" that everyone has in life with an original and excellent rock arrangement. Already a treasure of Japanese rock bands! !

``I don't know if everyone has this, but when I wrote a song about the pus that remains somewhere in my heart, it turned out to be a great song. . .
Enjoy the invisible scars. ”

Hideyoshi Kakizawa

New single “Itai” live streaming decided! !

●Limited delivery from 2/26 (Fri) 20:00 to 3/5 (Fri) 20:00! "free"

It will be distributed from Hideyoshi's official YouTube channel !

●3/5 (Fri) 20:00 - 3/12 (Fri) 20:00

・An encore song that is different from the main song (¥1,000 charge)

・1 encore song listed above + documentary video of “Hikari” (Special edited version of the live footage of “Nobody’s Room” and “Hikari” released on YouTube, with individual member interviews and off-shots from the live performance!)
《Paid ¥2,000》

Please purchase from "Hideyoshi Official Web Shop" !
You can view the video from the purchase completion email.

Hideyoshi Official HomePage>>

“It hurts” Hideyoshi (lyrics)

Lyrics/composition: Hideyoshi Kakizawa

I was able to meet you in this wide world. We are tired of such miracles.

The screams have been echoing in my heart for a long time now. Before I know it, I've scratched the scab again, and I'll always be a child.

I was all alone in the rain. No one noticed even when I screamed. I played a trick on my heart. I don't need sunshine or an umbrella. I erase it with magic before it turns into pus, and the pain, the pain, the pain, just fly away.

In this wide world, we pass each other by each other.Ah, I get tired of always lamenting things that are so obvious.

It's getting itchy and I'm scratching the scab again, so I'll give up and continue my dream.

I want to stay, I want to stay, I want to stay by your side, I want to stay by your side

I was standing there in the storm, holding onto my hands in a place where I couldn't be seen.I'm sure this hand was really thinking.All I do is pretend to be arrogant, but I don't hide the deepest parts of my heart.It's peek-a-boo.

I was all alone in the rain, I screamed, but no one noticed. I played tricks on my heart again. What I should protect and what I should throw away are pieces that don't always fit together and it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts so much.

Hideyoshi “Hikari” Release Tour “Hikari no Machi”

Aichi, Osaka, Tokyo performances
[Notice of rescheduled schedule]

↓Click on the image to enlarge.

秀吉 Tour 2021

"Hideyoshi Live Tour/Hikari no Machi" performance postponed.

Ticket refund notice

"Hideyoshi Live Tour/Hikari no Machi" performance postponed.

Ticket refund notice

Unfortunately, due to the declaration of a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, the following "Hideyoshi Live Tour/Hikari no Machi" has been postponed again.


・9/5(sun) Osaka edition ・9/19(sun) Tokyo edition
For customers who have already purchased tickets, refunds will be made from the website below, so please be sure to complete the procedure by the refund deadline.

Refund period: 2021/09/02 10:00 to 2021/09/19 23:59

Refund site:

*Please search for the performance in the URL above to confirm.

Music distribution service

A 3-piece rock band formed in Gunma, consisting of Hideyoshi Kakizawa (Vo, G), Tatsuya Machida (B), and Tetsuya Jimbo (Drums).
The unique band name is based on Vo&G Hideyoshi Kakizawa's real name.
Outstanding melody sense and overwhelming band sound.
Her singing voice is both gentle and powerful, and her unique world of lyrics touches your heart.

Debuted in 2008 with the album "Hesono".
So far, they have released 4 mini albums and 2 full albums. In 2010, it was selected as the insert song for the movie "Solanin" starring Aoi Miyazaki, and Inio Asano created the jacket artwork for "Mudai" released in the same year, which became a hot topic. At the first "GUNMA ROCK FESTIVAL 2012" held in Gunma in September 2012, they excited an audience of 10,000 people.

Established his own label "sirosiba record" in December 2014. The long-awaited album "Teruhanoibara" has been released.

In 2015, they released the mini-album ``Atonooto'', a mix of new songs and remakes of past songs, and successfully toured the country.

In 2016, they suddenly announced that they would be producing a new album through crowdfunding, and achieved the remarkable feat of achieving 252% of their target audience, releasing the album ``Rock'n'Roll''.

In June 2018, he opened a music studio called ``sirosiba studio'' in Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture, and has been expanding his activities by providing music, producing, and supporting other artists.

The theme song "Dekunobo" for the movie "Beautiful Representative" starring Yukie Kawamura and Takaya Aoyagi, which was released in March 2019, has been released.

Prior to the album, the singles ``Loser's March'' will be released in December and ``As You Like It'' in January 2020.

The long-awaited album "Hikari" is scheduled to be released on February 5th.

Hideyoshi Official HomePage:

Hideyoshi official Twitter:

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