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"Liar My Heart"
Digital Release!!


"Death Crow"
Digital Release!!

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1st single “Death Crow” Digital Release!!

With Soichi Sakakura, currently active as singer-songwriter and guitarist "Soichi," as the producer, the first single will be released! !

Death Crow ” (lyrics)

Lyrics/composition SEllCHl
Arranged by Soichi

Hiding your sadness in my heart I wear a body around my soul Carrying the pain of time A faint light dwells in the scar

A clown's mask runs through the freezing darkness of the night, and the pouring rain wakes me from my sleep.

The sadness and hatred seem to be torn apart...
The devil is confused and the goddess is intoxicated.

Someday I will face crime and punishment, but now is the time to be forgiven...
Someone please make me die, black feather Death Crow

I make a deep mad noise just for you...
just to kill them

Let's forget everything about kindness, fragility, and weakness tonight.

Let's bring back the overflowing memories There are no tears, we danced in blood

Who heard the wish?
A voice of deep hatred...
I forget the eternal sadness and take it with me

Someday I will face crime and punishment, but now is the time to be forgiven...
I'll go to sleep after this...
By your side...



2nd single “Liar My Heart” Digital Release!!

The second single from Seiichi, who has resumed his music activities after 25 years.

“Liar My Heart” has finally started distribution!

Myself intertwined between lies and reality. Beautiful things are fragile and disappear quickly...
I want to lie to myself and lose my weakness.
I felt that the front and back sides existed as we lived.

This is the song that is the motif.

Liar My Heart ” (lyrics)

Lyrics/composition: Seiichi
Arranged by Soichi Sakakura

The breath envelops Liar, who can no longer withstand the clockwork reason and shatters into pieces.

There must be something certain somewhere, Liar decaying with a downcast face

When I look deeply into the field of vision, I see through the many orders in the black and white world, like a hint of a world that never sleeps.

(Oh...Liar My Heart)
Intertwined...Ripe...Inside the fruit
(Oh...Liar My Heart)
I can't find a spiral...

You say that nothing is meaningless, but my heart is breaking down in despair

My heart is starting to understand as I fumble with a smile that is just a thin line between arrogance and arrogance.

The lies hidden in this tired world and the mirror that reflects the real world teach us in the gray scenery
(Oh...Liar My Heart)
Fighting each other...dangerous...covered in greed...
(Oh...Liar My Heart)
Crushing each beasts...

I ask my fading memories, hope and despair that will never happen again...

Oh...Liar My Heart (It's fragile...)
Oh...Liar My Heart
Oh...Liar My Heart (Floating in the palm of my hand...)
Oh...Liar My Heart (Rotten Fruit...)

(Oh...Liar My Heart)
Intertwined...Ripe...Inside the fruit...
(Oh...Liar My Heart)
I can't find a spiral...

Music distribution service

In 1985, while still in high school, he formed a band and began performing live.

Upon graduation, he formed BACK STREET GANG with Enju (G), who is currently active as a solo artist, and lWASAKl (Dr), who is currently active in FLOW, and began actively performing live activities mainly in Osaka.

After disbanding in 1992, he participated in several bands as a vocalist, but his activities went on hiatus.

2014: Together with Enju, provided music for Showa Kamen Rider actors Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Ryo Hayami, Toru Okazaki, and Shunsuke Takasugi, and was in charge of recording with Hakuhiro Ishizuka BERA.

In 2021, he met Soichi Sakakura through the introduction of his shared actor friend, Takeshi Yoshioka, and resumed his music activities for the first time in 25 years, focusing on the songs from that time.

In 2001, he opened the figure shop TOYS Seiya in Nihonbashi, Osaka.

He is a member of Kickboxing, Ryukenjuku, and K-1 Shinsaibashi, participated in ACF tournaments, and currently teaches at Matsumura Dojo.

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