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Tomotaka Imamichi

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2022.2.16 CD & distribution simultaneous release
Tomotaka Imamichi Solo Album
Tomotaka IMASA Imamichi


2022.0 2.16

Tomotaka Imamichi's first solo album in 18 years
[Uta-MONO Tomotaka IMASA Imamichi]
CD & Digital released simultaneously!!

2022.0 2.20 (SUN) 18:30~

Imamichi Wrap Up PARTY live streaming


[Uta-MONO CD] & [Turtle Stop DVD]
Commemorating the completion and release!

mini live + behind-the-scenes talk & screening Mamichi Wrap Up PARTY
Live streaming from Blue Mood (Ginza/Tsukiji)

​Ticket: 2,500 yen

Starring Enrique Imamichi Tomotaka, Hiroki Shiozaki, Tomohiko Ito “Bobu”, Collaboronics, Makazuo Fusejima (FLYING KIDS), and others.

Distribution event tickets will go on sale from 18:00 on January 28, 2022!
Click here to purchase tickets >>

Tomotaka Imamichi's first solo album in 18 years
[Uta-MONO Tomotaka IMASA Imamichi]
All songs preview trailer released on February 16, 2022

Lyrics and music: Tomotaka Imamichi

2021.12.1 Advance Digital Single
Thank you very much


2021.11.24 -AREEGATO- Thank you

Official Manga Video released!

Lyrics and music: Tomotaka Imamichi

Manga: Yohei Soda Animation: Tomotaka Imamichi

2 Digital Singles Release!!

"Do well -Reboot-"


"With love in a tin guitar"


2021.10.16 Simultaneous distribution of 2 songs starts!!

“Do well -Reboot-/

Tomotaka Imamichi and Takashi Hamasaki”

Tomotaka Imamichi and Takashi Hamasaki hit it off after performing together at a live performance, and produced a "diffusion board" CD containing the same songs they co-wrote.

It was distributed for free at each live venue from August 2017.

This song is scheduled to be included in Tomotaka Imamichi's solo album that will be released in February next year, and will be a new edited version of the same song as the diffuser CD!!

This advance distribution was made possible due to strong requests from fans for digital distribution.

“With love in a tin guitar / Tomotaka Imamichi”

“Imamichi Tomotaka Guitar Song” Explosive semi-instrumental song!!

Excellent melody sense and aggressive "Rock Beet" reminiscent of the 80's sound.

The result is a song that combines this with adult humor.

The jacket illustration is also Tomotaka Imamichi's own work, demonstrating his versatility as an artist.

"A rocky blow to J-POP!"

A representative musician who has continued to meet the needs of the music industry.

I guess you could say that he is a man who is `` Imachi Tomotaka .''

If you look at the artists he has been involved with, including producing, providing songs, and participating as a guitarist during his nearly 40-year career, you'll see the history of J-Pop.

Starting with the song ``Kari Shimatinai'' for Showa music superstar Kenji Sawada aka ``Julie,'' his guitar playing on ``Rival'' by Yosui Inoue , a giant in the folk and new music world, and Ringo Shiina 's ``Ariamaru Tomi.'' Collaboration with prominent figures such as sound production.

They are also active in various fields, including co-producing with Okamoto 's, a symbol of the next generation of rock bands. And recently, the main body " BARBEE BOYS " held Yoyogi Arena LIVE and it was a great success!

It's been 18 years since Tomotaka Imamichi , the boss behind the industry, will be releasing a solo album that puts the spotlight on himself, so we can't help but look forward to it! Is it?

First of all, I'm going to sit and wait by listening to these two songs and imagining the album. On Imamichi's SNS, it seems that they are going into the release with a message of `` please give me praises and complaints!! '' (lol)!

music lover K

Music distribution service

Born October 12, 1959

Born in Tokyo

Debuted in 1984 as the leader of BARBEE BOYS and in charge of guitar. He is responsible for writing and composing most of the band's songs, including their hit songs ``Close your eyes, come on,'' ``Yeru Monka,'' and ``Onna Fox on the Run.''

Since his time with Barbie Boys, he has provided songs for Kenji Sawada, Kaori Kawamura, and others, and participated in recordings as a guitarist for PSY・S, Misato Watanabe, Motoharu Sano, Yosui Inoue, and others. In 1985, under the name "Chuck Mouton", he was in charge of composing "Seiko Matsuda" and "Hug Me in the Backyard Garage" (included on the album "Strawberry Time").

After disbanding, he performed solo under the name "Love Dynamights". Furthermore, since 1994, he has been active in "Kei-Tee+LOVE DYNAMIGHTS" with "Kei-Tee" (currently Keiko Kadokawa) and "Wataru Kamiryo" (formerly of Grass Valley).

In 2004, Tomoka Imachi released "SLOW RIDE" under the name Solo.

In April 2008, BARBEE BOYS made a one-night-only comeback appearance on Fuji TV's "SMAP x SMAP", and the members deepened their friendship.In August of the same year, they appeared at a summer festival, and the following year, on September 21, 2009. To mark the 25th anniversary of their debut, they embarked on a national tour for the first time in 17 years.

Produced, arranged, and participated as a guitar player in the title song of "Ringo Shiina's" single "Aria Maru Tomi" released on May 27, 2009.

Participated in Kyoko's 20th anniversary album "Sky's My Limit" released on October 3, 2012.

"Anata ni Addiction with Imamichi Tomotaka & OKAMOTO'S" released on July 3, 2013 by "Kyoko"


In 2014, he formed the band "Hitosarai" with "Junpei Shiina", "Nobu Hirayama", and "Yuzo Oka", and released his first album in November 2015.

Lyrics, composition, and production of "Ikasama Bidanshi feat. Linda" included in the double A-side single "Ikasama Bidanshi feat. Linda/Magenta Butterfly" of "Kyoko" released on September 28, 2016.

In August 2017, under the names of “Tomotaka Imamichi and Takashi Hamasaki,” they released a co-composed song “Yakuyare” by both of them.

Every month for 4 months from November 2020, a new sensation studio LIVE entertainment video "Don't Stop the Turtle!" (Guest artists are invited to the recording studio and each other's repertoire and newly written songs are recorded in one shot in the studio live method.Ensemble Presented a session documentary style video content that includes a wealth of off-shots and talks leading up to completion.

“Ima Michi Tomotaka” will release his first solo full album in 18 years in February 2022!


D.SKH Entertainment Co., Ltd. 03-5738-7958

Person in charge: Fusejima

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