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Nodoguro Hajime (Nodoguro Hajime)

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"the best of HAJIME NODOGLOW"
Album CD/Digital Release!!

A one-man live show will be held from REC!
"Electric Mud"

Date and time: 2022.4.23 (Sat)

​Venue: Shibuya La.mama

Open 11:30 / Start 12:00

Visit ticket :

Distribution ticket :

・April 29th (Friday) Toyama Prefecture Silver Wheel

・April 30th (Sat) Ishikawa Prefecture Cliff Top Circus


Full Album “the best of HAJIME NODOGLOW”

CD/Disital simultaneous release !!

He said,

"Originally, I wasn't interested in music, so I liked things that didn't sound like music. Even though I'd never made music, I was like, 'This is what J-POP is like, isn't it?'

Just when I was thinking, ``Maybe we'll pledge our eternal love,'' rock and roll music came on the radio, and I instinctively thought, ``Huh? That's wrong.'' ”

What will the young people of the SNS generation, whose lives have been changed by old school rock'n'roll, convey to the "now"? What will they do? I can't help but look forward to it.

music lover K

【recorded music

1. Possible or not]

2. Slave (Battlefield Named Peace)

3. I can't find what I want to do

4. Red Chanchanko

5. Oh, in full bloom!

6. Nighthawk

7. Come, come, come

8. The grass next door is also blue

9.Super public bath

10.Rock and Roll

Music distribution service

Influenced by Muddy Waters, Masatoshi Mashima, and Shuji Terayama from Ishikawa Prefecture.

He started making music around 2008 and formed a band, but it disbanded in 2017.

After that, he started his solo career.

When he was working part-time at Bar "Jealous Guy" in Kanazawa, Mr. Shinji Miyake named him "Noguroichi."

Notoguro Official Website:


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