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2020.4.29 配信開始!「AQUARIUM」

振替日程や詳細決まり次第Official HPにて発表します。





This song "AQUARIUM" superimposes the life of "Tokyo" where various people gather from various regions with "Aquarium" where various fish gather.
   In the life of a “Big City" where you can feel a sense of blockage but also a sense of liberation
"Do you live in your world partitioned by an invisible wall while feeling suffocating? Or do you enjoy your world partitioned by an invisible wall?" It is expressed in a unique world view where the human eyes cross over.
And it is a song that you can enjoy that the sound of floating chord progressions and their tones in a half-time shuffle like a bursting bubble immerses you in the image of a huge and colorful aquarium. There is.



   SHOHEI (Vocal)を中心にKSK (Bass)、Yuya Miura (Drums)、Yohei Shibayama (Guitars)、YAGI (Keyboard)、OZONBOE (Turn Table)、といったミュージシャンを迎え2018年より都内のライブハウスを中心に活動を開始。



With SHOHEI (Vocal) as a leader, KSK (Bass), Yuya Miura (Drums), Yohei Shibayama (Guitars), YAGI (Keyboard), OZONBOE (Turn Table), and other musicians have been active since 2018, centering on live houses in Tokyo.

While focusing on sounds influenced by ROCK, funk, R&B, SOUL, etc., the lyrics focusing on Japanese life are expressed in SHOHEI's worldview.

The band's name includes a respect for Kabuki No. 18 "Sukeroku yuen no Edo Sakura," which had a great influence on Japanese culture.

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